Ex0 w1zard
My first term final project: The whole idea was to show my skills in Houdini production, and I though why not introduce it in a fun way with some action close ups.
MDC Colored Nature Contest #1
Welcome to results of the first MDC Contest. This contest was pretty simple. It was about producing a 5 to 10 seconds animation in HD (1920*1080) and post it on Instagram with the #MDC_COLOREDNATURE Here you can wee the finalists and winners.
Velvet Revolution
Velvet revolution is not only about change, it is about new life and new hope that was represented by nature, water, fire, earth and air. The whole video contains 7 days, the 7 days of creation.
The visualization of TUMOxARMY project, that shows everyday life from soldier's point of view.
Motion Design 2017-2018
Some of my Motion Graphics work from 2017 to 2018
Frosty Drop
Frosty drop Life cycle of cold water droplet The animation contains 3 different scenes. The growth of ice and cracking The fragment transformation into water droplet Water droplet crashing into water
The overall idea came from Armenian king Arshak II, who destroyed the wall and took the throne. In this concept the hand was introduced, as his power and force, and the throne with golden stick.
TUMO icon's animations
TUMO has different paths, with each unique icons, here are all icon animations.
A Shot Done in slow motion needs some VFX! I got some beautiful sand and face reaction, so some visual effects to this shot will make it better.
Unexpected Nuke
Visual effects project using great compositing software: Nuke. Rotoscoping, camera tracking, object tracking, matte paiting, simulation and special effects were done through the project.
Photorealistic Pencil holders
New idea of pencil holders with photorealistic renders.
Jetstrike over Yerevan
My First VFX short! Enjoy!
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